OceanFoto | Posted on behalf of a friend in Korea who is being blocked from posting this

Posted on behalf of a friend in Korea who is being blocked from posting this

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Please note, these are not my words but I can completely see where Simon is coming from. Call me cynical but I've always believed that the only reason the west (mostly the Americans) got involved in Afgahnistan and Iraq because they needed a good war to stimulate their economy So I can certainly see that Simon might be right about this too. Other worrds from Simon can be found here. http://thesecretmap.wordpress.com/


“No one should be allowed to throw a region and even the whole world into chaos for selfish gains.” Xi Jinping

So said the newly elected Chinese president, at the recent Boao Forum for Asia. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi has similarly ambiguously declared that they will not “allow trouble-making on China’s doorstep”. 

The vast majority of media coverage of this vocal response by the new Chinese cabinet, including the English language Chinese press, has leaned heavily toward this as a reference to North Korea. Even a Chinese-based Northeast Asian historian at Peking University said: “I think this is a clear message to North Korea and I also think it was one of the toughest remarks on the issue by a Chinese leader,”

The threat of a North Korean-induced nuclear war has been sending people into a panic. At my office in South Korea today, the Korean employees were telling of how people here are stocking up on food supplies in preparedness.

The new foreign employee who was to replace me in 10 days has cancelled, out of fear of North Korean missiles raining down on her.

Never mind the spin doctors at Fox news and CNN – most of the major media right now – the BBC, New York Times, you name it, are all saying the same thing – there is an imminent crisis and North Korea are unpredictable and dangerous.

Photographs of Kim in the war room, plotting US airstrikes, and videos of North Korean army dogs attacking an effigy of Korean Defence Minister Kim Kwan-jin – it’s all pretty dramatic. Hell, when i finally took notice of the situation on Friday, I must admit, i was pretty unsure i would leave the country for my backpacking trip alive.

Now i’ve been to the Border of North Korea a few times before and talked to American soldiers there to get the knowledge that the threats of war are bargaining tools for aid and when Kim Jong Un came into power recently, the South had been expecting some show of military muscle and power moves that would establish his reputation as a deserved leader and not a useless, over-privileged, waste of power who acquired his position through hereditary rights.

Which is why I had to reassure the lady replacing me at work that it might all be a big fuss over nothing, so i emailed her and tried to attach some links to some other sides of this story. That’s the point i got scared. Because i couldn’t find any. Doom, gloom and BOOM. So i searched harder, and eventually i stumbled upon what is known as Obama’s ‘Asian Pivot’.

My brain span a full 360 degrees in my skull. I had taken the red pill. It was so much harder to swallow compared to the blue ones.

The Asian Pivot. What is it? It’s America’s quick little side step from their Iranian provocations to one of their other favorite touted terror states, North Korea, part of the ‘Axis of Evil‘, as George W Bush so called it.

The basic theory is this: to provoke North Korea so much that it issues a self-defence warning, and use a part of that warning, via various media outlets to garner the public consensus for a justification of not only increased military spending on an already recession-hit budget, but to transport and set up an increasing stockpile of military hardware and personnel around East and Southeast Asia.


Because they are a fading superpower to the emerging economic giants, China. The USA just doesn’t have the commercial industrial power to compete for much longer, but they do have the military industrial complex, which has served them pretty well so far. If they surround China with firepower, it may be the only effective future bargaining chip that they have when their own resources run dry.


Using a joint South Korean/American military coalition, stage highly provocative war games and drills using a full range of cutting edge weaponry, with tanks and helicopters destroying targets and American carpet bombing planes flying over the peninsula.  The North calls it preparations for an upward invasion. Possibly, but carried out annually for a month at a time, it’s a sure fire way to stir up the bees nest, especially with the fresh changes in power in China and both Korean entities.

Even if it’s not an excuse to invade, occupy, and set up shop on the Chinese border, the spreading of what commercial-driven media describes as North Korean ‘bellicose rhetoric’ among the average citizen means they don’t batter an eyelid when the US ships off spreads around  a fresh batch of hardware to their numerous military bases in the region. Especially when even Jon Stewart, hero of the television-owning liberal, is mindlessly promoting carpet bombing the country to the chants of ‘USA! USA!’, no matter how embarrassed he was of his own viewers response. But then, humor is and has always been an easily-digestible and effective way to demonize an enemy.

Dennis Rodman has been a source of jokes for his recent visit to Pyongyang. The fact remains, he is the only American to meet the 28-year old Kim since his rise to power, and his reports of Kim being different to his father, not wanting war, and wishing for Obama to call him have been largely ignored by the foreign press.

The comedy directed at the Orwellian North Korean regime is a seemingly richer source than their suspected untapped mineral deposits worth many trillions of dollars; The thicker and faster the grim humor, the tighter the sanctions, the heavier the firepower at their doorstep.

Conversely to how 99 per cent of the media has made of Xi Jingping’s “selfish gains”comment, one must read between the lines. Who is really the one making “trouble on China’s doorstep, as Wang Yi told United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon?

Let’s face it, America are the big bad wolf; the Axis of Evil – the three pigs.

It may now be the time for China assert itself and close the fairy tale book before some houses get blown down.



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