Over the years I have dived in many places, often following guides who have a
clear idea of where they want to take you, and how quickly they will do it. I have
often felt that their aim was to use up our gas as fast as possible, I have lost count
of the number of times I have found myself looking up from taking a photograph
to see the guide hanging there, arms folded, giving me the "hurry up" body
language, and I hate it!

So now dive the way it suits you, with a professional local guide dedicated to helping you get the shots you want.

Here we offer the flexibility to go diving the way you like it, unhurried and slow with the time to take as long as you want to get the shot right. We can take you to the right site at the right time of day to get the light at the right angle or to find that elusive seahorse or nudibranch. We offer
coaching in between dives if you want it. So: Dive one, a gentle dive for us to explore the site while
you take photographs and I watch/spot/point out stuff if needed. Over lunch, I'll
make suggestions of what could be done differently and how to get closer, frame
shots better, etc. Dive two, more of the same, then post-dive (probably over a
beer or two) upload the photos and look at what could be done on the PC to
improve them, adjusting white balance, cropping, de-speckling etc. I’ll also be
introducing you to some of my favourite software to help with these tasks, plus
more suggestions for the next day.

The rest of the trip is more of the same, but looking, where possible, to get away
from auto and using manual shutter, aperture etc. I have a range of cameras,
lenses and strobes that you can try, to give you an idea of what difference they
make. By the end of the three or five days you should have had some great
diving, and hopefully your photography should have come on considerably.

Along the way we will look at any area of your photography that you would like
to develop. For some people the technical aspects of photography are a mystery,
but they have a wonderful eye for framing and composing a shot. For others the
reverse is true, and whilst they understand the technical aspects, creating
photographs that others will want to look at is far harder. Whatever your
challenge, I can help.

Please note I never take more than 4 people 1 or 2 is better.

We are happy to organise everything from Air/nitrox to accommodation to transfers and or car hire should you wish it.
Please note I am not a dive instructor and you must be a competent diver with good buoyancy control. I make no charge for the use of my cameras and equipment but anyone using it accepts the standard rule of "break it or lose it = replace it" :-)
Improving your shots